How do I insert my SIM card into my phone?

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2016 04:01PM PDT

To install the Nextplus GO SIM card

  1. Turn-off your phone
  2. Open your SIM card tray. We provided a SIM card removal tool in your SIM card kit. If you don't have it, you can use a paperclip for a side-drawer
  3. Grab the Nextplus GO SIM card & snap-out the card sized for your phone's tray*
  4. Insert the Nextplus GO SIM card into your phone's SIM card tray
  5. Turn-on your phone
Head over to to view our easy three step activation process. 

* There are three sizes of SIM cards: regular, micro, and nano. The Nextplus GO SIM card you'll receive is already sized as a regular SIM card.  The plastic border around the SIM card can be snapped out to bring down the size to micro SIM.  Snap both layers off of the SIM card to bring the size down to a nano SIM card.