Android - I can't text or call outside of WiFi

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017 02:48PM PDT
To test if Nextplus GO is working properly on your Android device, use Nextplus to place a call or send a text while disconnected from WiFi. If the call or message is successful, then you're all set! If you see a red banner stating "No Internet Connection", please confirm each of the following:

1. Make sure mobile/cellular data is enabled. This is usually in Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data > ON. It may also be in More > Cellular Networks. If it's already on, please turn it off and then on again.


2. Make sure your preferred network type is at the highest level (usually GSM/LTE or 4G). This is usually located in the data or cellular networks settings.

3.  Make sure the APN for Nextplus GO is selected and is the primary APN.